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With the use of CAD we are able to communicate with our service personnel with detailed prints for each repair process. This process has also shown to be beneficial in our communicating and interpretation of each repair with our customers.

Due to the high cost of rigging and transporting machine frames or bases, PWMR provides on-site welding and machining as required for each specific application.

PWMR also offers a full service repair facility to remanufacture component parts that may have been affected by the years of service that they have performed.

Our field service technicians can also offer assistance in disassembly and assembly of machinery while also providing transportation for machine components that would require service in PWMR facility.

Why us?

Our project management staff will be able to provide your company with detailed information pertaining to cost; materials used, labor, and of course required time for delivery.

Let PWMR become a part of your next machine repair project and see for yourself, why we have been able to satisfy our customers’ requirements for cost and on-time deliveries.